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Features of BlogEngine.NET 2.7

The following new features and changes are in version 2.7.

Added option to remove .aspx file extensions in URLs
Added option to turn JS and CSS optimization on/off
Security patches and bug fixes
Upgraded to jQuery 1.8.2
Upgraded to TinyMCE 3.5.7
Improvements to user profile

Upgrading to BlogEngine.NET 2.7

If you are updating from BlogEngine.NET 2.6, there are few changes.  The web.config files have not changed, and the database tables also have not changed.  Most of the instructions below are for those upgrading from 2.5 or earlier.  Even if you are upgrading from 2.6, the recommended path to upgrade is still to start off with a version 2.7, and copy any personal items such as themes back into 2.7.

Recommended Path to Upgrade

The cleanest way to upgrade to v2.7 is to start from a v2.7 installation, and then copy your existing data and settings into v2.7. The upgrade steps follow.

A couple of the steps are related specifically to those who use a database for storage, and a couple are related specifically to those who use the default XML storage (non-database). You can skip the steps that don't pertain to your method of storage.

1.  Backup

Make a full backup of your existing BlogEngine installation.  This is very important.  If anything goes wrong, you can always restore to your backup.

2.  Install v2.7

Install v2.7 on your computer, in a new folder.

3.  Web.config file (for non-database installations)

If you are upgrading from BlogEngine.NET 2.6, there are no changes to the web.config files.

Upgrading from BlogEngine.NET 2.5 or earlier:  As noted above, because of the changes to the web.config files, it is strongly recommended you use the web.config file that is included with v2.6.  If you have any custom settings in your existing web.config files (e.g. appSettings), it will probably be easiest to copy your custom settings into the BlogEngine.NET v2.6 web.config file.  If you have any custom settings, those can be copied into the v2.6 web.config file now.  Otherwise, you can just use the v2.6 web.config file as-is.

4.  Web.config file (for database installations)

If you are upgrading from BlogEngine.NET 2.6, there are no changes to the web.config files.

Upgrading from BlogEngine.NET 2.5 or earlier

If you will be using a Database for data storage, Web.config files you can use are located in the /setup/ folder.  Because of the variety of changes to the web.config files, it is strongly recommended you start from these sample web.config files, and copy your specific connection string into the sample web.config file.  For example, for SQL Server, in the /setup/SQLServer folder is a file named SQLServerWeb.Config.  For MySQL, the file is /setup/MySQL/MySQLWeb.Config, etc.  Copy this file to the blog root, delete the existing Web.config file in the blog root, and then rename this sample config file to Web.config (i.e. rename SQLServerWeb.Config to Web.Config).

At this point, the Web.config file you copied to the blog root and renamed contains a sample DB connection string.  The sample DB connection string will look similar to:

connectionString="Data Source=MySQLServer;User ID=user;Password=password;persist security info=False;initial catalog=BlogEngine;"

Replace this sample connection string with the connection string in your existing Web.config file.

If you have any other specific customizations to your existing Web.config file (e.g. appSettings), add those into this Web.config file.

5.  Database Upgrade Script (for database installations)

If you are upgrading from BlogEngine.NET 2.6, there are no upgrade scripts to run.

Upgrading from BlogEngine.NET 2.5 or earlier:  If you are using a Database to store your data in, you will need to run the DB upgrade script.  Each of the /setup folders has an upgrade script.  For SQL Server, it is MSSQLUpgradeFrom2.5to2.6.sql.  For MySQL, it is MySQLUpgradeFrom2.5To2.6.sql, etc.  Run this script in your existing DB.  If you are upgrading from a version prior to 2.5, you will need to first run the upgrade script(s) to get your DB up to v2.5.  For example, if you are upgrading from v2.0, you will need to first run the 2.0to2.5 script, and after that, run the 2.5to2.6 script.

6.  App_Data folder (for BOTH database and non-database installations)

If you are upgrading from BlogEngine.NET 2.6, there is nothing you need to do with your App_Data files or folders.

Upgrading from BlogEngine.NET 2.5 or earlier

In your v2.7 installation is the App_Data folder.

If you are upgrading from v2.5, delete all of the files and folders in the App_Data folder except these ones which are new in v2.7:


If you are upgrading from a version prior to v2.5, then delete all of the files and folders in App_Data EXCEPT for the following 4 new items which were new items introduced in v2.5 or v2.6 that you do not have in your App_Data folder so you will want to keep these 4 items.

The blogs directory directly under App_Data.

Once the files/folders have been deleted from the App_Data folder, copy all of your App_Data contents (files/folders) from your existing blog to the App_Data folder.

Note:  This step should still be performed even if you are using a database since even with a database, the App_Data folder is still used for storing certain items such as files, images and some other small miscellaneous files.

7.  Theme folder, Robots.txt & Other Custom Files

If you have a custom theme, copy your custom theme folder into the v2.7 "themes" folder.  Similarly, if you have customized the robots.txt file, or if you have any other custom files/folders, copy those into the v2.7 folder you have been working on.

8.  Deploy to Web Server

Because you will have files on your web server that no longer exist (or have been moved) in v2.7, it is best to delete all of the BlogEngine.NET files and folders on your web server, and then upload the new v2.7 files and folders you prepared in the previous steps.

Please make sure you have a backup of everything you will delete (see step 1).

After you have deleted the BlogEngine.NET files/folder off your web server, upload the v2.7 files and folders you prepared in the previous steps.

9.  Check App_Data folder Write Permissions

If you deleted the App_Data folder in the previous deployment step, you may need to double check that Write permissions are still set on the new App_Data folder you uploaded.  Even if you are using the Database storage option, certain items such as files & images you include in your blog posts are still saved in the App_Data folder.  BlogEngine.NET can only save files in the App_Data folder if Write permissions are enabled for the ASP.NET account.

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